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Africa U18 Challenge: Opening Match, Diambars-JMG-academy

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match ouverture Mali U18That's Pool A consists of the Academy JMG Mali, Diambars and National U18 selection of Morocco, which opened the way, the opposition between the owners of places of Diambars and the Academy JMG Mali.
For many operators and football fans present, the beautiful and opposition offered by both teams proved a very good level, auguring a very tough tournament. The meeting scheduled to start at 9 am finally began shortly before 9:20, the awards ceremony given the prestige of those present including JMG, having taken a slight time more than was prévu.Une minute of silence proposed by the committee organization and unanimously accepted by all participants was observed before kick-off in memory of Mamadou Dabo who was player of this group of the Academy in this Diambars and Olivier Guillou, nephew and spiritual son of Jean Marc Guillou, all torn from the affection of the great Academy family and relatives there are few.

TRIBUTE TO OLIVIER: "Letter to the children"

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olivier hommage siteChildren academies, children Olivier, has "her" children.

You know your Coach loved you more than anything.
He lived and breathed for you. You were his passion, his reason for living, his pride, his loves. He was always full of sparks in his eyes when he spoke of you ... sometimes hard as a father, sometimes tender like a dad.
Every moment shared, on the lawn, in the academies or outside when "life moments" were Olivier a moment of happiness.
If he is happy party, it is largely thanks to you. For that, thank you.


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olivier départ 1Olivier GUILLOU left us on the night of November 10 to 11 ...
he left he seemed peacefully sleeping. As if he did not want to disturb anyone, without making any noise, with discretion and elegance, but leaving a huge vacuum.
He was with me for 25 years. And he had 15 years of training shared between Madagascar, Algiers, Alger Liers and again. He seized my approach best it is physical or spiritual, in short, he had become like a son.


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gervinho roma redecouvreLeaving some in June, the Ivorian striker finally stayed in the capital where he is in the process of regaining the many Giallorossi supporters that he had exceeded last season. And if he was the secret weapon of the Roma ?