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Some news of the Academy of Algiers before the departure of children in the family for the holidays Mouloude.

Rauf Karim and validated the second degree and is now the third attack, the shoes are not very far.

Congratulations also to Kouki, Sallah and Anis Mebarki all four from the third class who have passed the first 3 years of juggling static, we wish them well to begin the big piece that is "sequence2"

Finally the results of the first class matches for the month of January 2012 :

On January 6, 2012 :

JMG Academy P1 2-0 HBMSénior

Scorers : El Moden, Niaidji

On January 10, 2012 :

Cherraga U23 2-0 P1 JMG Academy

On January 18, 2012 :

JMG Academy P1 2-0 U23 Cherraga

Scorers : Ramy, Mehdi

On January 20, 2012 :

JMG Academy P1 4-1 Boufarik

Scorers : Mehdi Karim  Niaidji, El Moden

On January 23, 2012 :

USM Blida U23 1-4 P1 JMG Academy

Scorers : Zaky , Zoubir , Niaidji , Ibou

On January 28, 2012 :

JMG Academy P1 3-0 U23 Cherraga

Scorers : El Moden (2), Sabri

Olivier Guillou technical director of the Academy of Algiers


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The finishing of the new field still in Ghana , and we expect to be in time for the month of April 2012 it is playable.

After removing the weeds and stones , we have finished removing the sprinkler system was faulty .

He was also an additional drain so that rainwater from flooding over the field during rain, very important in Ghana. Before giving a little topsoil had to install a new watering system, very simple but most effective and above all safer.

Today, January 31, 2012, we had the pleasure to test and verify that it works. From now on we will therefore be able to water daily, which is very important given the current climate. The grass used in need of plenty of water to start, in order to well and thicken. Water consumption will be lower then, of course!
By the weekend we will be able to bring a little topsoil and sand to improve the surface finish, finish with a passage from roll all over the pitch.
Once done, then there will have to wait as well and take the lawn perfectly covers the entire surface of the ground; basting course.
See you in three weeks for a new update on the work.

Luc Guillou technical director of the Academy of Ghana


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Zito injured his knee during the match against Lorient in the quarter- finals of the League Cup , January 11, 2012 , returned to training today January 31, 2012 .


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Author of a full service and a nice goal against ASK (2-0) last Saturday at the sixteenth day of the championship, the attacker Malagasy Andriamanitsinoro, better known by the nickname of Andrew "Carolus "confirmed in the eyes of his coach Abdelkader Amrani, and with respect to all lovers of the WAT, it is a very valuable player for the WAT.

It makes it essential
While not paying mine, from the young Malagasy JMG Academy of Madagascar probably appropriate to start a football career, he has become a relatively short period of time an indispensable element in the board of Amrani. Indeed, it is no accident that it is undisputed holder type Tlemcen in the team despite not physically impressive.

There is unanimous in Tlemcen
Seen in the price-quality, Abdelkarim Yahla President succeeded one of the best deals on recruitment in recent years. Arrived in total anonymity on the last day of the winter transfer window last year, Andrew, who still belongs to the formation of the PAC, was able to prove that he is one of the most talented African players who have endorsed the blue jersey and white Widad.

The willingness and determination to sell
Yet the story of Carolus in WAT is far from plain sailing. Seriously injured his knee last year against JSK, the attacker has not only missed the end of the season, however, crucial for Widad in their quest to maintain, but also the very important internship blocked pre-season. Not enough to frighten the player who, despite the doubts of some doctors in its ability to replay one day at the top level, has turned a deaf ear to simply work hard to drive, before making a comeback in the Mouloudia receipt of Sidon on the occasion of the eighth day that he remained on the bench as a simple replacement, before moving later to tenure.

It is not yet 100% of its resources
If this ugly wound is ancient history, Carolus was again forced to miss the internship blocked done during the recent winter break in Tipasa and that, due to an administrative problem which forced him to stay a few days more at home. Although he has taken part in any friendly match during the course, however, Carolus was aligned in the recent friendly game against the MCS before traveling to Khroub where he served on the holder against the eleven ASK. During this part, it has been shown not only by causing the penalty, but also by including the second goal after an audacious lob over goalkeeper Khroub.

He wants to finish top scorer
Spearhead of the attack Tlemcen, Carolus, who missed the first part of the phase to go, has since scored two goals in the league and two in Algeria Cup. With four goals to his credit, it is just behind the attacking midfielder Sameur, top scorer with six units. As often by finding the net, one that recognizes that it has to work hard to improve his last act before the wood has a goal, by the end of the season, contributing to many successes of his team, but also finished top scorer.

Carolus: "I would be proud to win the trophy for the best African player in Algeria"
While the League has approved the qualification, and even the participation of two Africans in each club of the elite, very few people shine from the start of the season, unlike the attacker Widad. Aware that it will be monitored even more closely by the great teams of the elite, after his convincing performances, Carolus wants to surf the euphoria in us saying it would be very closed to win the award for best African player award in Algeria ceremony of the Golden Ball Striker El-Heddaf. A reward to which he may aspire to if he keeps right on this momentum.