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This Tuesday, December 6, 2011, after BREWANIASE, we visit with Mr. PUSUPU OSUM to another school.
A few more miles of trail to get there, then as the school Brewaniase an escort of school children would accompany us to the field where we were waiting for testing children.
There were about thirty children, ready to participate in this test. But the news of our coming and quickly spread to a nearby school children then came to join the others. Quickly we moved thirty to sixty children.
The football field is of poor quality I decided to use space better in school, surrounded by trees which made this meeting even more friendly.
Players ready, pupils of all ages installed around the field, sun, heat, almost all were living together for good times, it remained to see the quality of the game

The first children did not offer a good show, but after two small games of poor quality, the level has risen and students viewers have begun to appreciate as well. Applause, encouragement, everyone took the fun. As so often since the beginning of the pre-recruitment campaign, it is the youngest that offered a better game

Each time a child was adopted, the crowd around the field showed his joy. The atmosphere of this gathering was a gift for me.
4 children were selected, we'll see later with those already selected in the same region.
Very proud of them, when I asked them to come near me, to take photos, they quickly dressed in their outfits to school in helping each other, smiling and posing for their teacher.
The start of this school took place in the same way as we arrived, a crowd of schoolchildren around the car, smiling from ear to ear and bye bye along with hand gestures.
We will return also see them next time and I thank them all (children, teachers) for this intense moment.
Go to BONTIBO to finish the day.

The day will end at BONTIBO, then return to Accra.
Again in a school organized by Mr. Lawrence, we arrived late and the children waiting for us, began to despair, some even went home. But our arrival did not go unnoticed, it was guarded at the entrance of the village and soon the children were returned.


Fewer children than in the preceding groups, about thirty, but still warm.
The implementation was quick, only the choice of space to the ground was complicated because of a soil in poor condition. The quality of the game, made ​​difficult by the surface, the level of play was lower. That did not stop for one child to appear and be strapped in the tour.


As children's center forward, he prepared for the photo, changing rapidly, and all his friends made ​​him a ban of applause, happy for him.
I thank Mr Lawrence and children present, a new time of great experience, even if the football played was less pleasant, because the desire was there.
The stay in the Volta Region has been completed, many children seen, some of selected and reviewed. Thank you on behalf of the JMG Academy to all those who were able to welcome us and very well prepared these gatherings.
Thank you to Edith, the cook of the Academy, for allowing our visit to this place
I take from two days in this region:
- Children who have always been highly motivated and with a smile,
- The friendly, warm and well organized adult caregivers.
We will return to perform new grouping in the future. Departure to Accra where we expected a rally Thursday at veni Dansoma

After our two-day tour in the Volta region, we are back in Accra.
This Thursday, December 9, 2011, we have an appointment with Mr ABU to see children in a school in Dansoman. District Club LIBERTY, the first division of GHANA.
When we arrive at the school, the home is more suspicious than when we visited in Volta. We are in the capital of Ghana and Europe they see every day.


But my friend ABU comes quickly to greet us and quickly begin to bring schoolchildren. The coach talks with Mr ABU RIDISAN and brings together those players around us, explaining why we came to see them. Children smile and begin to prepare, but when I announce "No boots!" they look at me surprised and definitely think I'm crazy.
Despite this they prepare and settle quickly to the ground prepared for the test.
Immediately I am surprised by the quality of children's play, I've never seen a gathering of so many children of this quality. It made the choice much more difficult but the pleasure of coming in was also greater.
Again it is the younger showed the highest technical quality. There were thirty children, but we have to see them several times to make a choice. Less than laughter, more concentration, it was felt that these children were accustomed to competition, while remaining in the proper behavior. One of them stood out from the others by its intelligence in the game We selected 7, we will review with other children screened in Accra.
Surprised by the level shown I made an appointment with the coach for upcoming gatherings, in the vicinity of Dansoman, hoping to have as much trouble making a choice.
Thank you to Mr ABU and COACH RIDISAN for this meeting and see you soon.


 Luc Guillou technical director of the Academy of Ghana


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Nkwanta is a town in eastern Ghana between Lake Volta and the Togo border.
We owe our visit there to Edith, cook the JMG Academy of Ghana, who made ​​contact with Coach Michael, to organize a gathering of children in his home region.
We arrived there, after long miles of track in the late afternoon of Monday, December 5, 2011, and immediately we started to watch the kids play. They were a hundred and we have been waiting two days in a camp with a suitable field.
Everything was well organized, and the welcome was very warm. We had time before dark to see the hundred children and make a first selection of the best for them again the next morning early.
Our accommodation was also well prepared, we do not regret km of the day.


The next day, 6:30 in the morning, we took the path to the ground where children held the day before we were impatiently waiting. The level was good and was selected three children for the next test with other players.
It was the first time an academy came home and they were very happy children and adults. Even if there were tears in some children when their name was not noted.
We promised to return, it will be also a pleasure, football practice is pleasant and welcoming. The day was not over, because Edith had also contacted other person and we still had three appointments to set.
Thank you to all these children and their coaches.
On behalf of the Academy JMG congratulations (Congratulation) to Edith and coach Michael.


This Sunday, December 4, 2011, was scheduled for a pre-recruitment MAER but for various reasons, it was canceled at the last moment. Could not be accused, I went to the place MAER appointment, which of course no one waiting for me because of the cancellation. But there were still children playing ball.

After watching, waiting for people who would welcome me, I watched a little better, there were of all ages and some I parraissaient interesting.The clock is ticking and seeing no one come, then I took my equipment in the car and went to join the children playing them.
The arrival of a European with bibs, cones, balls and had a tremendous effect, and soon a dozen children who were there, I found myself surrounded by about sixty who all wanted to touch the ball. It came from everywhere, it cried, some did not speak their dialect, it was easy to make them understand what I wanted to do, but difficult to apply.
After a few minutes of "dialogue" with the above actions, and the threat to leave right away, it lacked some discipline on their part, we could start this pre-recruitment. Some adults, seeing the scene came from themselves, kindly help me in this task. Curiosity was also a motivation. We had to answer questions, and especially why the children played barefoot.
Everything went properly with lots of smiles in children and adults. Small game soon became the curiosity of the neighborhood. Level, shown by these children, was correct, sometimes surprising.
He was selected four children with a good, a little higher. These children will therefore be reviewed with others in January.
I had an unforgettable day, and I thank all the children for their kindness, their boundless energy (whew !!!), and their bright smiles, and the adults who came spontaneously.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011, after Nkwanta we have taken the lead Brewaniase, and it is the school that the gathering was organized.
The entrance to the school was so dangerous there were children of all ages who ran around the car. We become attracton of their day.
Mr Ampreh had everything set up and soon we moved to begin the test. Two other locations were in the program.
The land of poor quality did not facilitate children's play, but there were still some very interesting match. The atmosphere around the field, gave even more desire for children. Laughter, applause, some childish mockery, the motivation was increased tenfold for each participant.
Sixty children participated, and three of them have shown qualities that allowed them to then be selected for an upcoming test. Some unsuccessful, being very young, will be followed for years to come.
As Kwant, adults were welcoming us were very curious and questioning. But very happy for having us, we were immediately asked to return in the future for other gatherings.
Thank you to all these children and their escorts for their kindness and their participation.
Thank you to all those students who followed the show with great enthusiasm, who by their presence and their reaction made ​​even more motivation for the players.
After taking some pictures so we left for a new place. Always with great care, children accompanying us running around the car, shouting, laughing, applauding.


Luc Guillou technical director of the Academy of Ghana


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The results of the first games of the Algerian promotion :

30 september 2011
Académie -Kouba U19 : 1 - 1
14 october 2011
Académie - Blida U19 : 7 - 1
21 october 2011
Académie - Koléa U18 : 18 - 0
26 october 2011
Académie - PAC U21 : 1 - 2
22 october 2011
Académie - Kouba U19 : 4 - 2


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Following the early return of the south-east Asian Académiciens to Thailand due to the events in Egypt, the 14 Vietnamese have now been welcomed by the Thais at the Chonbury Academy.After a few days to recuperate, the two Academies meet for the third time in a month.

Match : Thailand 2 – Vietnam 6 :

An 8-a-side match in two 30-minute halves.

Vietnam opens the scoring with Anh in the 5th minute. The equalizer does not happen through Doumbia whose strong off-centre kick hits the crossbar, but through Ken shortly thereafter.
After half-time, Phuong scores a hat trick (31e, 47e, 53e) that will make all the difference against a Thai team unable to turn their opportunities into goals despite one from Tae at the 37th minute.
Thailand hits the post again near the end of the match but it is Nam, following his entrance onto the pitch for Vietnam, who hammers the final goal at the 60th minute.

All in all, a match in which the repetitive technical mistakes will have testified to the players’ state of fatigue, likely due to the long flight and jet lag.

Goal scorers :
Vietnam :  Phuong 31e, 47e, 53e, Anh 5e,  44e, Nam 60e
Thailand :  Ken  29e, Tae 37e