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For the recruitment of the second class, we were now in Labadi, Accra area. Near the sea, the land was not high quality, fortunately enough sand so that children do not hurt playing without shoes.
Ben is the coach who met us in organizing this gathering of children from eight different clubs. We thank him for his work. This allowed us to see about 80 children.
The recruitment of the day began at 10 am on Sunday and ended at noon. The sun was now well and good humor. The level of this gathering was slightly worse than that of November 19, 2011 at Koforidua, but the condition of the land was not the same quality. Some children have still been retained to review them with other children at an upcoming gathering.
The coach Ben, sports instructor in a large known in Accra, has promised for a new rally on Saturday in another district of Accra, with other teams.

Thank you to the coaches and children to participate in the coming day.
And soon for a new stage.

Luc Guillou, technical director of the Academy of Accra


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The organization of our trip to Egypt for the month of November is complete, visas, passports, airline tickets, are made and purchased. We are especially looking forward to saying goodbye to the rain that falls from 2 months of Pleiku and able to train on land without water. Sunbathing replacing a mud bath will do good to everyone.

Congratulations to Dai and Quy who validated the Level 2, Hau who has arrived at Level 1.

All Academy JMG Vietnam wishes a happy birthday to Nhat will be 15 years October 16.

See you soon for new stories during our internship at the Academy JMG Egypt where we will be accompanied by the Academy JMG Thailand.

GRAECHEN Guillaume, Chief Technology Officer JMG Vietnam