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promotion 3 fc bagadadjiThis Saturday, March 12, 2016, 3 the promotion of the Academy faced FC Bagadadji a team from the town of Bamako II.
outset the Academy started with a high pressing preventing the opposing team to develop their game. It should be noted that the opponent had a very good spirit in that game because there were fewer mistakes during 3 third game time. ours were well move the ball as usual. We witnessed some beautiful sequences of play. Academicians well exploited the offensive and defensive phase.

During the first third time 25 minutes, the Academy marked to five times without conceding a goal. The score was 5 goals to 0 at the break. promotion 3 fc bagadadji 6
In the second third time the Academy comes from the FC Bagadadji ball. They won almost all their games. We witnessed a lot of one to two in between games. Promotion 3 scored four goals during the second third time she cashed a goal in the 43 minutes the score 9 goals to 1.

Following the instructions received from their teachers, the Academy went away to attack the FC Bagadadji for the 3rd and last third time. Nice ball movement, better use of the left and right side of the opposing team, a lot of one to two, supports password. Ours offered many solutions when Academician had the ball. It seemed that the game was just beginning.

promotion 3 fc bagadadji 4
What a treat !!! Academicians who manage to score eight times without conceding a goal, final score 17 goals to 1.
Diarra Nene Bi Tra Bourama and Dorgeles inscribed alone 9 goals; with 5 goals for Diarra Bourama the 9th, 13th, 24th, 31st, and 35th minutes and 4 goals for Nene Bi Tra Dorgeles the 55th, 55th, 65th and 70th minutes.

promotion 3 fc bagadadji 7

Dabo sayba was the best passer of the game with three assists in the 51st, 55th and 70th minutes without forgetting two assists to Guindo Daouda in the 13th and 31st minutes, Doumbia Kamory the 55th and 72nd minutes, Coulibaly Hamadi in the 9th and 48th minutes , Chaka Sidibe the 35th and 65th minutes. Doukouré Fode an assist in the 26th minute, Thiam Mamadou pass in the 62nd minute, Diarra Bourama pass in the 17th minute and Ag Jiddou Abdou Salam on 67 minutes. It should be noted in passing twice for Doumbia Kamory to 17th and 51st minutes and Jiddou Abdou Salam Ag to the 26th and 48th minutes. A goal for Fode Doucouré in the 20th minute, Mamadou Thiam in the 72nd minute, Dabo sayba in the 62nd minute and Chaka Sidibe 67 minutes.

promotion 3 fc bagadadji 1promotion 3 fc bagadadji 5

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