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5 victoire promo 4 1Promotion 4 faced this Saturday, March 12, 2016, football center Barça Unicef Niamakoro joint VI of Bamako, the former center of our academicians and Diambou Mamady Doumbia Mahamadou.

Beautiful opposition in a very good mood. Academicians were present on every ball. 3 The promotion has dominated their opponents, it was almost all the time possession of the ball. Academics have settled in the camp Barça Unicef during the first third time getting 3 corners against 0 for opponents. They manage to score 6 times during this third time and will cash a goal in the 20th minute of play. Score at halftime 6 goals to 1 for promotion 4.5 victoire promo 4 2

In the second third time academics continue their momentum, dominating the game with beautiful sequences of the game. They manage to score during this third time eight times without conceding a goal, the score 14 goals to 1.5 victoire promo 4 3
During the last third time promoting 4 cash a second goal in the 51st minute of the game and manage to score in five to finish on a score of 19-2.
Admittedly Diambou and Mamady Doumbia Mahamadou were merciless to their former partners.
Diabira Badem finish top scorer with 6 goals (2nd, 17th, 22nd, 25th, 28th, and 53rd minute of play), Yeo Kounfolo Moussa best passer with 6 assists (2nd, 10th, 20th, 22nd, 47th and 53rd minute game). Konate Cheick Oumar Diarra and Fousséïny succeed each a hat trick. For Konaté Cheick Oumar goals scored at the 10th, 24th and 47th minute and Diarra in the 8th, 20th and 56th minute. Twice for Soumaila Diabaté (37th and 40th minute of play) and twice for Bourama Koné (33rd and 52nd minute). A goal scored for Diambou Mamady in the 50th minute, Traore Bréhima in the 29th minute and Yeo Kounfolo Moussa in the 19th minute.5 victoire promo 4 4
For their match three assists in the assets of Diambou Mamady (28th, 37th and 40th minute of play), two assists for Bréhima Traoré (8th and 17th minute) and two assists for Doumbia Mahamadou (33rd and 50th minute of play) . An assist for Fousséîny Diarra in the 19th minute, Diabaté Soumaïla in the 5th minute and Kone Bourama in the 24th minute.

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