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Our organisation, whose principal objective is to serve the general interests of football, has created with the JMG Evolution Department a think-tank whose aim is to make wide-ranging suggestions in order to submit the improvements necessary to the development of football, such as:

-   The system of transfer/movement of players known as "ZAP" (file available below).
-   Video-refereeing.
-   The development of the rules (file will be available soon).
-   The development of the competitions (file to be available soon).


Presentation of the Right to Negociate Contracts - ZAP

  • The “ZAP” is an intangible asset which comes into existence as soon as a player signs his first formation-training contract or first professional contract.
  • This right is owned initially by the club or the formation-training structure which is the signatory of the player’s first contract.
  • The “ZAP” entitles its owner to authorize the departure of a player in mid-contract to another club and collect compensation in return.
  • The “ZAP” does not expire with the arrival at a club of a player at the end of his contract. It does not hinder a departure to another club.
  • On the other hand, the “ZAP” denies the new club which would not have acquired it the power to refuse the departure of a player in mid-contract.
  • The “ZAP” owner may sell the “ZAP” without the approval of the player to whom this asset relates. Indeed, the “ZAP”, which represents the estimated value of a player by a club willing to make a purchase, is disassociated from the contract of the player.

Equitable procedure for the management of the transfer and movement of football players

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